Hope for Your Heart


Hope for your Heart by June Hunt explores the intangible idea of hope. Many people speak of hope and many people feel hopeless, yet the idea of hope is a difficult concept to grasp. What, exactly, is hope? How does one find hope? What can a person do to regain lost hope? June Hunt attempts to answer these questions, and more, in this inspirational book.

Hunt makes sure to differentiate between cultural hope and biblical hope. Cultural hope is a fleeting thing while biblical hope is guaranteed! Hunt writes about Christ being the ultimate hope and expounds on the fact that as long as one is an authentic Christian, they need never feel hopeless again.

I found this book to be incredibly inspirational. It serves as a reminder that no matter how bleak things seem, God had a plan for us and is in control. Plus, as Christians, we are assured that Heaven lies beyond this life. No matter what trials we may endure on Earth, we will find ultimate joy in Heaven.

I liked how the book was structured, Hunt did a fantastic job of keeping my interest by adding in personal stories. She chose to describe hope as an anchor, and at the end of every chapter there was a small section called “Anchoring Your Hope.” In the Anchoring your Hope section Hunt uses nautical metaphors to give a visualization to the topics discussed in the chapter. I found this book to be entertaining and easy to read while being inspiring and encouraging at the same time. I will reread this book whenever I feel that I am losing hope, this book will remind me that I am never hopeless.


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