Radical by David Platt – 3.5 stars

Radical, by David Platt is an urgent call to all Christians to embrace the God of the bible, (as opposed to our Americanized view of Him) even the parts that sound ‘radical’ and make us uncomfortable.

Throughout the book, Platt argues that, in general, American Christians aren’t doing enough to bring the Gospel to unbelievers or alleviate the sufferings of the poor.

In general, the book was good. It was easy to read and structured; each chapter made a single point which was then backed up biblically. I think that some of the chapters were a little long-winded and, quite frankly, a little boring. I felt like, in some cases, 10 pages were used to make a point that could have been made in two.

I also disagree theologically with Platt on a few points, but that is just my humble opinion. I am neither a religious scholar or a theologian. As this is a review of the book, not the theology behind it, I’ll save that discussion for another place. Feel free to comment of contact me if you wish to know my views.

I also feel that in some places, the book was pushing readers to buy supplemental materials. For instance, you can not only buy the original book, but a booklet, and a bible study. I am certainly not accusing Platt of only trying to make money by selling the book, but plugging other materials rubs me the wrong way.

All in all, it was an okay book. It certainly gave me some things to think about, but it was the teensiest bit boring.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. The opinions expressed are my own, I am in no way obligated to publish a favorable review.


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